Training & Education

Training & Education

Informed environmental decision making begins with an understanding of issues and operational techniques through training and education.  Training can provide your personnel with a clear understanding of relevant environmental issues and their realistic impact.  Guidelines have been established for dealing with environmentally regulated hazardous materials and situations and proper methods for communicating environmental information to other staff members and the community at large.

Workers supervisors and managers must understand:

  • Regulatory safety and health requirements.
  • Comprehensive operations and maintenance procedures.
  • Safe handling, storage and disposal procedures.
  • Appropriate emergency response.
  • Strategies for managing risk in facilities.
  • Strategies for communicating risk to employees and the public.


Environmental Solutions Educational Services include:

  • Expert trainers with field experience in hazardous materials management and industrial hygiene.
  • Curriculum tailored to your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive manuals, user-friendly workbooks, and other support materials.