Environment Site Assessment

Environment Site Assessment


Environmental Site Assessment

is an important part of commercial and industrial property transfers in today’s marketplace.  A contaminated site can leave the owner open to liabilities for clean-up and damages.  It is essential perform due diligence by assessing a site to determine the potential presence of recognized environmental conditions (REC) or the extent and the degree of any contamination.

Buyers should perform a site assessment before acquisition to determine the environmental conditions.

Sellers can identify sources of liability by conducting site assessment to expedite transfer of ownership.

Lenders request site assessment in order to protect their investment.  These services include:

  • Historical Review of Property Records
  • Compliance and Permit-Document Review
  • Review of Hazardous Material Handling Procedures
  • Inspection of Off-site and Up-gradient Areas
  • Historical Review of Government Agency Records
  • Building Interior, Exterior and Site Inspection
  • Review of Historical Photos & Maps
  • Reporting According to current ASTM standards

Environmental Solutions in association with independent professional geologists has been providing site assessment services for discovery of possible contamination and potential liability problems since 1989.  A Phase I assessment includes; inspection and evaluation of potential sources of contamination by reviewing the following documents:

  • Hazardous material handling, storage and disposal.
  • Asbestos-containing materials identified on-site.
  • Prior spills or releases of hazardous substances.
  • Waste streams and emissions generated at the site.
  • Underground and above-ground storage tanks.
  • Findings of the inspection and records review.

Subsurface Assessment includes; determination of most strategic and most practical locations in a given property’s subsurface for performing soil-vapor probing and testing .  In majority of projects, we are able to determine whether or not the subsurface of a property has been impacted by detectable levels of volatile organics and other toxic vapors in matter of hours by utilizing an independent mobile laboratory. All subsurface investigations are performed by associated independent professional geologists.