The Environmental Professional (EP)

We have responsibility to our communities and life on earth to provide and maintain a healthy environment.  The environmental scientists and professionals are accountable for the technical aspects of this task and must participate in social and economic issues affecting environmental protection.

In a broad sense, the permissible quantities of a “pollutant” that may be released to the environment are determined by the scientific community and later established by government regulations.  As these criteria are verified and site/case-specific requirements are established, the environmental consultants seeks improved technologies to cost effectively satisfy a project’s mitigation objectives.

Environmental professionals are trained and experienced in applying their knowledge for the benefit of those who have retained their services.  The services of an environmental professional may range from data research, environmental assessment, agency interactions, mitigation methods, mitigation approval process, mitigation design and monitoring and operational management services to obtaining no further action status from the lead-agency.  Additional major areas of service include initial site assessments, assistance in obtaining permits, and expert witness services.

“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”

Albert Einstein